CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

Corporate Social Responsibility is an indispensable part of the way we do business at Gooiland. We try to be as environmentally friendly as we can by making sensible choices. We aim for a green and responsible climate inside the premises as well as outside. It shows in the way we deal with catering, energy-saving measures, suppliers, staff and planning.

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Food and catering

We offer organic and fair-trade products during all our events. In addition, Gooiland aims to prevent food surpluses by determining the number of guests very precisely in close consultation with our client. If any food is left over despite our best efforts, we generally take it to the Salvation Army.

We work with regional businesses and suppliers as much as possible, which means we cause as few CO2 emissions as we can and we help boost the local and regional economy. We also try to prevent our suppliers from making unnecessary trips; we’re happy to say they rarely occur, thanks to our efficient planning and precise communication. 

Public transport
We advise and encourage our visitors to consider travelling by public transport. We stimulate them by supplying travel information on our website and offering the possibility to be collected from the train station by one of our staff.

Safety & responsibility
Gooiland is aware that organising events may involve certain risks. For every event we take several measures to ensure an immediate response in case of emergency and so limit the damage. At every event, at least 1 member of our ERT (Emergency Response Team) is present; we hire extra security for large-scale events; and all our emergency exits are clearly marked.